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Policy on disposable plastic straws

1. Introduction
The Ditch Disposable campaign and the Policy on disposable plastic bottles, launched in March and July 2017 respectively, created great interest and action on waste reduction on campus. Building on this success, the Committee on Catering has endorsed a full ban on single-use plastic straws in campus catering outlets.
2. Policy
With effect from September 3, 2018:

  • Disposable plastic straws will not be distributed at campus catering outlets;
  • Disposable straws of other materials outlined in Appendix I may be distributed with or without a charge;
  • Catering outlets are also encouraged to use and/or sell reusable straws (Appendix I).

3. Exceptions 
Exceptions to this policy may be permitted in health-related or other emergency situations.  


4. Implementation and Compliance

The Committee on Catering and CEDARS catering team will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the policy at campus catering outlets. 
The Sustainability Office will support policy implementation through communications and awareness-raising efforts among relevant units and other stakeholders campus-wide.


5. Definitions 


  • Disposable plastic straws: Any formed or molded tube comprised predominantly of plastic resin and intended primarily as a single-use tool for consuming a beverage for human consumption. This definition includes biodegradable or compostable plastic products such as Oxo biodegradable or vegetable-based plastics.
  • Campus: Anywhere within the boundary of the Main, Centennial, Sassoon Road and other Campuses of the University of Hong Kong.
  • Catering outlets: Any food-providing outlet managed by the Committee on Catering.


Appendix I


Suggested Acceptable Types of Disposable Straw

  • Paper
  • Edible (e.g. wafer)

Suggested Acceptable Types of Reusable Straw

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Bamboo
  • Silicone
  • Reusable BPA-free plastic