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Ditch Disposable Workshops 捨棄.即棄工作坊 [For HKU Staff]

6 December 2018, 14 December 2018 13:00 - 14:00

staff workshops


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1. 捨棄.即棄工作坊


如何在不超出預算下舉辦無即棄活動? 如何實現綠色辦公室? 在哪裡可以找到舉辦綠色活動的必要資訊? 誠邀您參與捨棄.即棄工作坊,在互動午餐會上一起尋找答案,並為實踐無即棄塑膠校園交流及發表意見!




2. 聖誕蜂蠟食物布製作工作坊






The University is now working towards a new milestone of sustainability - becoming a disposable plastic-free campus by 2020. The realisation of a disposable plastic-free campus cannot be accomplished without the support of our colleagues! In light of this, we are organising a series of staff workshops to provide tools and exchange ideas on how to implement a disposable plastic-free workplace. Please join us!


1. Ditch Disposable Workshop

How do I run a disposable-free event without over-budgeting? How can I implement a green workplace? Where can I find all the practical tips and information to organise a green event? Come join the Ditch Disposable Workshop to learn more and voice your ideas on organising disposable-free events, and creating a sustainable workplace!


Date: 6 Dec 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 1-2 pm
Venue: CPD-2.45
Content: interactive discussion, prized quiz, staff sharing

Language: Cantonese

*Light refreshment will be provided, please bring your own reusable containers and utensils.


2. Christmas Beeswax Food Wrap DIY Workshop


The Christmas season is right around the corner and why not give your loved ones a homemade an environmentally friendly gift! Unleash your creativity through making a reusable beeswax food wrap to substitute plastic cling films! All supplies will be provided. 

Date: 14 Dec 2018 (Friday)
Time: 1-2 pm
Venue: CPD-3.16

Language: Cantonese supplemented with English


This event is supported by Stitch Up


Please click here to register the above workshops and priority will be given to those who participate both events.