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《方舟·東黑冠長臂猿》長臂猿紀錄片放映及分享會 "Cao Vit Gibbon’s Ark" Gibbon Documentary Screening and Sharing

03 Oct 2019 19:00

"Cao Vit Gibbon’s Ark" Gibbon Documentary Screening and Sharing


This is the world's first film on the critically endangered Cao Vit Gibbon. It tells the survival story of this mysterious primate living in limestone forests on the Sino-Vietnamese border, and how two countries partner up to protect this species which has a global population of a mere 120 individuals. Once considered extinct, this species was rediscovered in Trung Khanh County of Cao Bang Province in northern Vietnam in 2002 by Vietnamese experts; and Jingxi City of Guangxi Province in China in 2006 by ecologists of Kadoorie Conservation China Department of Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden. To create a safe haven for the species, Vietnam established Trung Khanh Species and Habitat Conservation Area in 2006, while China established a provincial nature reserve in 2009 and upgraded it to a national reserve in 2013. Since then, two protected areas started to work in tandem to ensure the long-term survival of this rare primate.

分享會嘉賓 Speakers 

丁銓 Ding Quan
Film Director and Renown Chinese Wildlife Photographer

陳輩樂博士 Dr Bosco Chan

Head of Kadoorie Conservation China and Member of the IUCN Primate Specialist Group


日期 Date



時間 Time

19:00 - 21:30


地點 Venue


Wang Gungwu Lecture Hall, Graduate House


語言 Language

普通話(中英雙語字幕), 分享會以廣東話進行及提供英語即時傳譯

Putonghua (with Chinese and English subtitles); Sharing will be conducted in Cantonese with simultaneous English interpretation


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