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23 Sep 2019 12:45
Haking Wong Podium


Free Vegetarian Food . Talk . Farmers Market . Edible Spaces Tour 


Date: 23/9/2019 (Mon)

Time: 12:45 - 14:00

Venue: Haking Wong Podium

Language: English


Talk: Urban Agriculture and Food Security in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a highly urbanised city with a population of over 7 million whose food supplies depend highly on imports. In the face of climate change and extreme weather conditions, cities around the world are exploring new ways to increase local food production and the rate of food self-sufficiency to ensure stable food supply. While the self-sufficiency rate of vegetables in Hong Kong is as low as 1.7% (2016), many start to explore new ways of urban agriculture such as rooftop farming. How can Hong Kong ride on the potential of urban agriculture and improve the situation of food security in Hong Kong? Grab some free vegetarian food and take a seat to hear what our speakers have to say about this topic!  



Mr Johnny Lau Hoi Lung | Researcher and Activist


Johnny is a researcher and activist on urban agriculture, food education and environmental protection in Hong Kong. He founded the student group “Agriculture Development Group” and teaches the general education course “Understanding Urban Agriculture” at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His PhD research investigates on the synergies between urban agriculture and food system resilience in Asia metropolises.


Mr Osbert Lam | Founder of City Farm 


In 2010, Osbert founded City Farm, the first rooftop farm in Hong Kong. Currently, City Farm manages three rooftop farms and over 1000 planter boxes in Tsuen Wan (15000 sq ft), Kwun Tong (6000 sq ft) and Chai Wan (5000 sq ft). City Farm promotes urban farming by teaching organic farming on rooftops and open space.





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Free Vegetarian Food


Less Meat, More Veg! Let's all transition to a more plant-based diet to help our environment and our health. Begin with joining our annual Green Lunch event and try out vegetarian food on campus for free! Please bring along your reusable containers and utensils to enjoy free food. Food will be served at 12:45, first-come-first-served! 




Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are held around the world to promote locally-grown produce and support local farmers. We have invited some local organic farmers to share their produce with us on campus. Bring your own reusable bag and get ready for some fresh veggies shopping!




Edible Spaces Tour | 14:15 - 13:15 | English

Guess what? We also grow our own food on campus! Join the Edible Spaces Tour at 14:15 to visit the HKU Rooftop Farm and Herb Garden and get a taste of HKU-homegrown food!


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