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The Green Creative Program seeks creative minds to help effectively communicate with the campus community about sustainability initiatives and environmental awareness. Students with skills in visual communication/design, photography, video-shooting and/or creative writing/ copywriting work on projects throughout the year. 


You will help us to: 
- Design fun infographics/posters/visuals
- Create witty short videos
- Take cool pictures
- Write awesome articles


You should (be): 
- Up-to-date about latest visual communication style/formats
- Know what's cool and what's the best way of communicating with our target audience
- Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or other design software
- Proficient in video shooting and in Adobe Premiere, or other video editing software
- Proficient in photography and photo editing


We hire Green Creatives on an ongoing basis. If you are interested please submit your CV together with a link to your portfolio of design/video/photography/writing work to Shortlisted candidates will be part of the Green Creatives team and work with us throughout the academic year. Team members will be remunerated on a project basis. Use your talents and be part of HKU Sustainability!