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Green Ambassadors (GAs) are the HKU students interested in community well-being and a sustainable lifestyle. GAs promote sustainability to their peers through writing articles, hosting events, and running social media campaigns. Aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations, all GAs have their own area of expertise of which they share insights, experiences, and researches.

Articles by Green Ambassadors

Gary Wong_UG_GAN
[GA Coordinator] #Environmental Literacy #Hall Education

Gary Wong [BEd&BSc(Biology Education) III]

  • Gary is a student in Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science. Having 7+ years of experience in environmental education, he works on STEM pedagogy and the use of socio-scientific issues (SSI) in Environmental Literacy.
  • He also leads several social change projects in HKU New College, the only Sustainability-themed residential college in Hong Kong.
  • A Journalist on Sustainability: Catherine Chan
/Bayansulu Tulbassova_UG_GAN
[GA Founder] #Industrial Sustainability #Fashion Industry

Bayansulu Tulbassova [BEng(IELM) II]

  • Bayansulu is from Kazakhstan, a Sophomore majoring Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management. Her sustainability journey started in high school when her intra-school recycling system collected 160kg of paper in 3 months.
  • Since then, sustainability has been something on her in mind and she joined the Sustainability Office in the fall of 2018 when she laid the foundation for the Green Ambassador Network.
Nualyong Chanisara_UG_GAN
#Business Sustainability #Green Architecture

Nualyong Chanisara [BBA(Acc&Fin) II]

  • Nora is a Sophomore majoring in Accounting and Finance. While business and commerce are her main focuses, she sees the business aspects of many environmental and sustainability issue.
  • She is committed to educating the general public on how business and sustainability can be incorporated into their daily lives. She believes that mother earth has provided us so much, so it's now time to give back. 
  • Green Building: What is it? Do we have one in HKU?

Swapnil Bhandari_UG_GAN
#Environmental Science #Changemaker

Swapnil Bhandari [BSc(ENVS) II]

  • Swapnil is a Sophomore majoring Environmental Science. He became a green ambassador because he wanted to help showcase the environmentally friendly aspects of HKU and at the same time make it more environmentally friendly. 
Olivia Lai_UG_GAN
#Environmental Protection #Zerowaste

Olivia Lai [BEng(CS) IV]

  • Olivia is a Senior majoring in Computer Science. She considers technology and government policies the key drivers of global sustainability. While some say environmental protection is obstructing economic growth, she says societies can only thrive with what nature provides.
  • With more people (including you!) joining in, she is optimistic that the world will be a better place for nature, the animals and our future generations.
  • Refuse a fork, Earn a drink, Help our nature