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Over the years, our work at the university has been supported by talented and devoted student interns from different nationalities, faculties and backgrounds. Their respective expertise and passion brought great contribution to various sustainability intiatives across campus. Here is a list of our interns and their stories.

Janice Wong

Janice is a third year undergrad majoring in Geography. She loves hiking and travelling where she has a chance to appreciate the diversity of landscapes, peoples and cultures in the world. "The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth." is a quote that inspires her. She is keen on making a difference and spreading sustainability in the HKU community. 




Bayansulu Tulbassova

Bayansulu is a full-time student from Kazakhstan. She is studying Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management. Bayansulu has started her sustainability journey back in the last year of high school when she saw how much paper is being thrown by the administration office of her school every day. When she realized that it is not only her school but all public schools in the city of Almaty that don’t have a recycling system, she felt the urge to intervene. She went to supermarkets, asked for carton boxes and put them in classrooms of her school. 3 months after, she was able to collect 160 kg of paper for recycling. Since then, sustainability was something she always kept in mind, but she wasn’t taking action. This year, she decided to change that and join the Sustainability Office to start living her principles and see how the Office is working to change the world for our campus. She is now working on the Green Ambassador Network, a platform for sustainability-minded students of HKU.




Sharon Kan

Sharon is a first year Master student of Urban Planning. She is intrigued by the beauty of natural environment since a very young age which has led her to study Environmental Science in bachelor degree. She also believes that engaging the community to make small changes in their lifestyle is crucial to thrive a sustainable city - a goal that is very close to her heart. 




Aisha Ajmal Wahab

 Aisha is a year 3 student, double majoring in Geography and Philosophy. She has always lived in big cities including Colombo, Tokyo and Seoul. Her sustainability journey began just over two years ago when she realised the detrimental effects cities were producing for sustaining societies - human, nature and beyond. She is a big believer in small steps and trying to perfect a zero waste lifestyle. Her goal is to go completely #plasticfree in the coming year. She is currently working on a research project on sustainability in higher education and hopes to contribute to the future policies, making HKU a more inclusive space for nature, gender, race and all!



Liao Senying

Senying is currently in the master program in Environmental Management. She really enjoys sharing her perspectives on sustainable development with people from around the world and in different industries. As a postgraduate, she wants to fulfill her passion by investigating deeply into contemporary issues of environmental protection. In the long run, she envisions herself leading a team to encourage people to live in a more sustainable way for a better world.




Lam Chung Yin

Chung Yin is a full time post graduate student majoring in Environmental Management. He came from a science background from UK and got interested in air pollution chemistry during his undergrad. To him, being sustainable is to find ways to maintain diversity for future generations. Living in such a fast-pace economical world, natural resources are being drastically consumed by different anthropogenic factors. Hong Kong’s environmental issue is even more challenging due to its geographical constrains, however he still believes in achieving sustainability here. 




Stephanie Wong

Stephanie (or Steph!) is a final-year undergrad with a double major in psychology and counselling. While she has a strong passion in research and clinical work, she is also dedicated to live more sustainably and promote sustainability in the community. By using more reusable items and turning to a vegan diet herself, she hopes she can influence more people around her to reduce unnecessary waste by taking simple actions. "Every little bit helps", as she always says. "Even just one less plastic cup, one less takeaway box... one more meatless meal. As long as we join hands and commit to making such small changes, we can make huge differences." #wecan




Teresa Tsui

Teresa is in her second year of undergraduate studies, with Majors in Environmental Science and Geography. Our Mother Earth is currently facing various environmental problems, and that’s the reason why Teresa hopes to alleviate the situation by promoting sustainable lifestyle. “Be the change you want to see in the world” is the quote which inspires her a lot and she wishes to convey the message to HKU community through her internship.




Bingo Xu

Bingo is a coming year three undergraduate with majors in Economics and Finance. She loves wildlife, and that draws her to global environmental issues. She believes that everyone is part of the environment and can promote sustainability in their own fields. Influenced by the HKU Ditch Disposable Campaign and HKU New College, Bingo starts to use more reusable items ever since she entered the university. She is proud to help with HKU Ditch Disposable Campaign and hopes to deliver the idea to more people on- and off-campus.



Kimberlee Onsiong

Kimberlee is a final year dental student.  While she loves studying Dentistry, she also has a strong passion for environmental sustainability. She very much hopes to combine her two interests and make Dentists more environmentally conscious in their practice. Moreover, she truly wants to raise awareness and inspire people to reduce their plastic consumption; whether by simply saying NO to straws, bringing our own bottle or plastic bag. She is a firm believer that small steps can make a huge difference.


Kimberlee is very honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Ditch Disposable Campaign.  She is very proud of what the campaign has achieved and is excited for all the changes to come.



Andrew Lam

Andrew is in his third year undergraduate getting a BSc(III) in Environmental Science. He has a passion for spreading sustainability throughout the HKU Campus and hopes that students can change their daily practises to ditch disposables. He likes dancing, making videos and taking photos and thinks Y’all should start using reusable bottles. 






Diogo Ann Onuselogu

Diogo Ann is in her first year of undergraduate studies majoring in biomedical sciences. Growing up in Hong Kong, she has been long exposed to Hong Kong's waste management and pollution issues and is now passionate about the three R's, always finding opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle. She believes that raising awareness and educating the masses is the way to a greener Hong Kong and that we should all do our individual parts. For that reason, she signed up for the Sustainability Office Internship wanting to support the sustainability cause in a place familiar to her and where she felt she could help others make a difference as well: HKU. She is currently trying to ditch "disposable" and choose "reusable" on a regular basis and encourages friends and family to do the same.



Hagen Wan

Hagen is a final year undergraduate student majoring in food and nutritional science. He believes that modern society has separated us from nature and that leads us to a unsustainable life. This is the reason why he became a vegetarian in 2017 as he finds cows and chickens kinda cute and decided not to eat them. He also strongly recommends you to join the sustainability office team as it is very fun to work there. 





Michael Hon

Michael is a third year environmental science undergraduate student. He loves nature and therefore cares about the environment and feels that everyone has the ability to help protect it. He feels that all we need to do is to change our unsustainable habits to sustainable ones. As the old saying goes,' Rome wasn't built in a day.' It is no easy task to achieve sustainability in all aspects in a short period of time. If we pay more effort into protecting the environment bit by bit, he believes that our society will develop towards sustainability in the near future. He is currently working on promoting campus sustainability to the HKU community. 


Cherry Chan

Cherry is in her third year of undergraduate, with Major in Environmental Science and Minor in Geography. The quote “The environment is everything that isn’t me” inspires her a lot. To her, resources are owned by every life in the Earth from generation to generation. However, anthropogenic impacts nowadays are seriously degrading the natural environment, especially due to the unsustainable lifestyle. In fact, living in a sustainable lifestyle is an easy way to achieve a better world. Being a global citizen, Cherry thinks it is our responsibilities to concern, and even protect the environment. Although efforts of a single individual seem limited, a little change in our life can make a big difference in the world. That's why she engages in this field.




Tintin Kao

Tintin is a second-year undergraduate student from Taiwan majoring in geography. Her interest in sustainability was always present, but was only truly activated after moving to Hong Kong and seeing the lack of recycling on and off campus. She believes that everyone has a responsibility to safeguard the environment and that every effort counts: for instance, by consciously making the decision to bring your own water bottle, declining any offers for plastic bags (even if they’re free), and eating less meat. In her free time she enjoys swimming, cooking and listening to all types of music.




Win Lai Lai

Win Lai Lai is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Liberal Studies Education and Psychology. Her interest in sustainability developed when she started to volunteer in one of the youth-led environmental organizations in Myanmar. Moreover, growing up in a developing country where the issues of sustainability are ignored and people lacking environmental knowledge made her passionate in improving environmental sector in her country and working on environmental education programs. She has been chosen to participate in youth leadership exchange programs focusing on global environmental issues in the University of Montana, U.S.A and in ASEAN region after her high school. She contributed her skills and knowledge back to the community by implementing environmental education programs named “ Green Campus” for secondary school students in Myanmar. She strongly believes the importance of environmental education. Individuals should equip themselves with a deeper understanding of environmental issues and they should make collective effort in sustaining our natural environment. She wants to make a positive impact in HKU community through this internship.




Wern Ngo

Wern is a final-year undergraduate studying Music and Global Studies. She is an avid musician, 90-percent vegetarian, aspiring minimalist, and a sustainability enthusiast who dreams of becoming a musician-cum-farmer who grows her own foods. Her passion for sustainability is sparked by her conviction that all human beings constitute a major part of Mother Earth, and that what we do to Her we eventually do to ourselves. She wants us to know that we are all equally responsible for the well-being of the environment and ourselves.

Wern is interested in promoting sustainability through music because she believes that music has an innate power that can influence our opinions to bring about positive social change. Music can help in breaking down cultural barriers, healing our souls, and it can also instil conformity to social norms. As Bono once famously said, "Music can change the world because it can change people". Some of Wern's favorite musicians who care about the planet are Michael Jackson and Jack Johnson.

As a sustainability intern, Wern hopes to encourage more HKU students to make the most of the amazing and life-changing sustainability programs offered by the HKU General Education Unit. 




Anthony Wong

Anthony is a Master student majoring Environmental Management. He is passionate about researching environmental issues especially on trees management and sustainability in Hong Kong. He thinks that it is the responsibility for every person who lives on this planet to protect our lovely environment. He reckons that it is important to develop our city for the sake of economic growth, however, we should not overlook the social and environmental aspects. He believes that the sustainability mindset has started rooting in Hong Kong citizens’ heart. Through this internship, Anthony hopes to gain experience in promoting sustainability in campus and he would love to see the impact made from the sustainability interns. 


Medhavi Arora

Medhavi is a third-year undergraduate from India studying Journalism and Global Studies. She is an avid animal lover and, for ethical reasons, a full-time vegetarian. She has co-created a patented herbal medicine to fight ecto-parasites on pets and a multimedia website and news package on the farm-to-table organic movement in Hong Kong. She tries to be sustainable in her day-to-day life by cutting down on food wastage and reusing paper and plastic, and believes that little things can go a long way toward making our planet’s resources last longer.




Aarushi Bahl

Aarushi is a third-year undergraduate from India, majoring in Environmental Science and Spanish. Her passion for the environment developed when she became obsessed with switching off the lights in her house in India, where resources are scarce and sustainability is still just an abstract idea. She has written a study on carbon reduction through solar lantern usage in villages of India, taken part in Earth Hour and Save the Tiger campaigns, and worked in various NGOs. She wishes to become an environmentalist and change the lives of others for the better. She strongly believes that we as students need to become more aware of our daily waste and consumption activities since we are the minds of tomorrow. We can start by printing less, carrying your own reusable water bottles, reducing plastic waste, and even reducing our showers to a maximum of five minutes. When she is not in the classroom, you can find her exploring the many restaurants of Hong Kong, reading a book in Happy Park, or investigating the fascinating country parks of Hong Kong.




Jacky Cheung

Jacky is a third-year undergraduate majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Geography. To him it seems that some people in Hong Kong have prioritized development over environmental conservation. Although some development is necessary to cope with population growth, over-development damages the environment and is usually irreversible. Hence, everyone should take responsibility for safeguarding the environment and preventing it from overexploitation. That is how Jacky defines sustainability. He hopes that sustainability can be incorporated into the daily lives of Hong Kong people and ultimately that he can dedicate his efforts to promoting sustainability and making a difference in society.




Maegan Cowan

Maegan is a master's student studying Environmental Management. She has been passionate about sustainability for as long as she can remember, and has worked for various sustainability NGOs and student organizations. She is particularly interested in integrating environmentalism into everyday life. She firmly believes that living sustainably can easily become part of one’s daily actions. When she is not in the classroom you can usually find her rock climbing or exploring Hong Kong’s hiking trails.




Tiffany Li

Tiffany is a first-year postgraduate student majoring in Applied Geosciences (Sustainable Development theme). She is passionate about researching environmental issues, especially carbon management. She believes that the biggest challenge of today's world is the climate crisis, and that the key to achieving environmental sustainability is to slow the pace of global warming, to which carbon emission may be the primary contributor. In her opinion, climate change exacerbates the unsustainable aspects of development, and so climate change is an urgent global challenge which impact all countries. Every person is responsible for, and should make an effort to protect, our Earth.


Amy Phan Nguyen

Amy is a second-year undergraduate majoring in Business Administration (Information Systems) and Quantitative Finance. One of her hobbies is making useful items from used materials, such as a Mid-Autumn lantern from an empty milk powder can. Recently she worked as an intern for Soap Cycling, an NGO that recycles used soap from hotels in Hong Kong and distributes it to needy people in Asia. Through that experience, Amy realized the importance of recycling as something that can help her contribute to a better world. Through this internship, she hopes to share this message with more people and encourage recycling as a meaningful and enjoyable activity.




Talha Kamal

Talha is a final-year undergraduate student from Bangladesh majoring in Economics and Finance. His interest in sustainability came about through growing up in a developing country where the issues of sustainability are rarely addressed. He is astonished by the waste management problems that even a developed region like Hong Kong faces. Talha plans to contribute to the sustainability movement by applying his experience in community work. For now, he hopes he can improve the well being of everyone related to The University of Hong Kong. In the long run, he hopes to gain experiences through this internship to one day enhance the sustainability of Hong Kong, a place he loves, and Bangladesh, his dear home nation.




Karen Wong

Karen is a third-year undergraduate majoring in Environmental Science. Being amazed by nature, she enjoys and appreciates the unspoiled environment and pays attention to environmental issues. Through joining environmental conservation activities, she has gained a broader and deeper understanding of green ideas and public views. Although tension between development and environmental conservation seems especially high in Hong Kong, she feels optimistic about sustainability here and thinks that environmental awareness in society is rising. She hopes that someday she can act as a propellant who help will push the community to a bigger step forward. By transforming passivity into initiative and marginal into mainstream, sustainability is achievable. After all, everyone wants to leave a better world for our next generation. 





Aster Zhao

Aster is a master's student majoring in Library and Information Management. After studying environmental science and renewable energy technologies for six years, she realized that technology does not make life as sustainable as we assume, particularly in developing countries, and that educating our next generation to increase their awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development is of central importance. This is not an easy job, but she believes every little effort will count. Start with telling those around you: print on both sides, drink from your own reusable bottle, ask for less food and never waste, turn off lights when you don't need them. Everybody saving a little energy and resources will contribute to a brighter sky in the future. 


Gillian Lui  

Gillian graduated in May 2013 from Middlebury College in Vermont, USA, where she studied Environmental Studies, Conservation Biology, and Mathematics. In October 2013, she will begin a one-year MPhil research program in Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge in England.

Gillian is passionate about environmental education and sustainable development, and particularly enjoys comparing environmental thought, perspectives, and action from different corners of the globe. She believes that adhering to environmentally conscientious lifestyles on a daily basis is just as critical and necessary to fostering healthy communities as wider-scale environmental initiatives and policies. She hopes to encourage others to think about not only the kind of world we want to bestow upon future generations, but also the type of people and communities that we want to leave to our future world.



Ashwin Goyal 

Ashwin is a postgraduate student majoring in Economics. He has an undergraduate degree in Information Technology and he truly believes that technology is the answer to one of the most important questions today: “Are we sustainable?” He consistently strives to combine his knowledge of business and technology to create solutions which lead to a palpably better future. Together, with students from four nationalities, he orchestrated the creation of Dhobi, a self-sustainable portable laundromat that could help change billions of lives all over the world.

Besides his interest in sustainability, Ashwin is an avid entrepreneur. His for-profit ventures, Forgecube and White Cypher, are set to begin operations in late 2013.




Vivian Kwok

Vivian is a first-year undergraduate student majoring in Dentistry. Although she is a relative newbie to sustainability, she is very passionate about sustainability and, in particular, environmental issues. She firmly believes that sustainability is the key to solving many problems in this world, such as poverty and famine. In her opinion, it is of course a good thing that more and more people talk about sustainability nowadays, but it is equally important to “walk the talk.” Vivian hopes that, through this internship, she will be able to actually do something about sustainability and walk the talk herself!




Grace Hyun Ju Lee

Grace is a first-year student from the Faculty of Arts with plans to major in Global Creative Industry. Her dream is to make visual productions which will allow people to reconsider environmental matters worldwide. She believes that "No Impact Man" – which introduced her to the world of sustainability – is one of the most impressive movies; ever since watching this movie, she has tried to adopt sustainability into her daily life by being a part-time vegetarian, thinking twice before creating waste, and walking up stairs instead of taking elevators. As one single movie first inspired Grace to become more environmentally responsible, she hopes that other HKU students will each have their own special opportunities to understand the necessity of an eco-friendly life.




Lydia Li

Lydia is a first-year undergraduate student from the Faculty of Engineering, with plans to study environmental engineering in the future. She cares a lot about the environment and is eager to do what she can to promote a sustainable pattern of life and development. She believes that Rome was not built in one day and that every goal should be achieved step-by-step. By participating as a sustainability intern, she hopes she can do something for the establishment of a sustainable HKU first before she can go any further. She thinks that sustainability is not a mere concept, but something that can be incorporated into our everyday lives. The key is to make the idea concrete and practical, so that it will be viewed as acceptable by more people.




Erica Mak

Erica is an undergraduate exchange student from Canada completing her final year of studies in Environmental Science.

She hopes to combine her knowledge in the field of Environmental Science with her passion for arts and design to come up with creative innovations to promote and encourage sustainable living.

Her vision of sustainability involves taking advantage of the advanced technology we have today to discover ways to maximize our use of renewable resources, minimize pollution, and protect our planet Earth. 


Jeff Ong

Jeff is in his final year as an undergraduate student and majoring in Civil Engineering. During his exchange study in Australia, he was enlightened by a small-scale garage sale in his residential area, and has proposed to establish a similar initiative here at HKU.

Jeff’s final-year project focuses on the supply chains of construction materials. Since Hong Kong’s construction industry today heavily relies on imported materials, his study aims to provide greener supply chains for building materials by minimizing their overall carbon footprint. In the long run, he hopes to contribute to tackling the issue of global warming.




Caren Shin

Caren is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity and minoring in Fine Arts. Intrigued by science and its intimate relationship with nature, Caren soon became curious about the need to understand and advocate sustainability in the modern world. Taking inspiration from ecologists such as Jane Goodall, Caren believes that the right changes in our ways of living, however small, are capable of making differences; all we need is belief in our change and faith in our efforts! She hopes that ecology, conservation, and sustainability will be encouraged, realized, and embraced by the wider community in all forms of planning and development in the future.




Garkay Wong

Garkay is a first-year postgraduate student in the Faculty of Architecture. After finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley, she worked on residential and commercial projects in a local Hong Kong architecture firm. She believes that the lives we lead can be simplified by living in smaller and more efficient spaces that will, in turn, result in a smaller carbon footprint. This requires a shift towards thinking small and not underestimating the individual choices we make, which, when added up, can end up having a very large global impact. 





Joshua Wong

Joshua is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Science and motivated to promote sustainability in Hong Kong. Joshua is impressed by the motto "Think global and act local,” which means that people should approach the environment from a global perspective and everybody should be involved; we can achieve sustainability easily if everybody starts making a difference. He also thinks that Hong Kong should pay more attention to conservation; due to Hong Kong’s high biodiversity levels, people should support protecting the precious environment and unique species in Hong Kong. However, citizens and the government may not realize the importance of biodiversity, and some may even prioritize economic development before conservation. Thus, Joshua believes that environmental education is the next critical step for Hong Kong to work towards.



Ray Xu

Ray is a master’s degree student majoring in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Engineering. His major has a lot to do with developing leading technologies that solve energy and climate problems and he is keen on environmental sustainability. He believes that, in the future, an advanced and sophisticated smart grid will be a solution to a green and energy-efficient society. He practices sustainable living in his daily life and tries to influence those around him to adopt ideas of sustainability, too, believing that, “Individually you improve yourself; together we change the world.” He hopes to work in the energy sector to dedicate his efforts and use his engineering knowledge to make a difference in society and the environment.




Janice Yeung

Janice is a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems). Her interest in sustainability issues was aroused by a course about corporate social responsibility. She believes that sustainability, apart from being advocated by business bodies and the government, is an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The first step towards truly adopting a sustainable way of living, she believes, is gaining first-hand experience in identifying and addressing current sustainability issues on campus. She will continue to promote sustainability and environmental protection among those around her. 


Harry Au 

Harry is a first year undergraduatestudent in the Faculty of Social Sciences. He plans to major in urban governance and sociology. Harry is interested in promoting sustainability in daily life, believing in the saying “many a little makes a mickle,”, i.e. that individuals’ efforts can never be ignored. He likes to observe people’s behaviour to understand why some of them are reluctant to conserve the environment. He thinks that education is more important than economic incentives in an affluent city like Hong Kong. By peer influence, Harry dreams that one day everyone will be able to recognize their responsibilities in promoting sustainability.




Daniel Bernal

Daniel is a teacher and an MEd student in the Comparative and Global Studies in Education and Development programme. After finishing his undergraduate studies in writing and communications at York University in Toronto, he worked on public consultation and decision-making processes with NGOs, governments and civil society. When he’s not teaching or rushing around campus, you’re likely to find him running one of Hong Kong’s hilly trails or on a hockey pitch.

Daniel often talks to his students about sustainability and likes to think of it more as social change, rather than ‘just’ the environment. His research focuses on how the supranational sustainability agenda from the UN, UNESCO and other organizations, manifests itself in education – in primary and secondary school curricula, as well as in higher education institutions’ initiatives.




Bonnie Chen

Bonnie is studying International Development in her third year at the University of California, Los Angeles and is on exchange at the University of Hong Kong. Her interest in sustainability was sparked by the geography classes she took while on exchange and believes that it is her responsibility to advocate for a change in our behaviours and habits. Tupac said it best, “We have to change the way we eat, the way we live, and the way we treat each other.” Bonnie believes that changing attitudes and beliefs will be the key to creating a sustainable future that will improve the lives of people today and tomorrow.




Nadine Chen

Nadine is a final year student in the Government and Laws program. She is passionate about water management as water is an essential component of every aspect of life, yet poor management practices have directly, and indirectly, cost lives. Social justice, to her, means safeguarding people’s right to live, by advising policy makers on issues relating to the world’s water challenges, especially those relating to water equality and environmental conservation. She aspires to advise law-makers on environmental regulations and assist corporate bodies in striking the right balance between development and conservation.


Donald Fan


Donald Fan

Donald is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Information Engineering. His interest in sustainability was strengthened by leading a Knowledge Exchange Project "Renewable Energy in HKU" in which solar panels and micro wind turbines were installed on the roof of buildings at HKU to power lighting in the corridors. He advocates for saving energy in daily life and using clean energy instead of fossil fuels. He hopes to engage in sustainability initiatives in the long run.


Lily Kwong

Lily is a final year undergraduate student majoring in Quantitative Finance. She has long been interested in climate change and sustainability issues. After several travelling experiences around the world, she has become an advocate of sustainable cities and believes people should only live with the environment in harmony. She has a keen interest in farming and is now working on a farm to study its beneficial effects. She is very much looking forward to her masters study in International Planning at University College London in 2012/3.




Rishad Thowfeek

Rishad is a year three undergraduate student in Civil Engineering. His interest in studying sustainability stems directly from the need to be part of the process that enhances the lives of the future generations. The problem today is that people wallow in a mess of garbage, polluted air and traffic jams.

Rishad’s final year project is focused on using sustainable concrete in construction. With his supervisor Dr. Scott Smith, Rishad is writing a journal article on the topic. He strongly believes that developing sustainably and a healthy environment is vital for future generations; and this can only be achieved if every individual takes an interest in and responsibility for producing a greener world.




Johnny Wong

Johnny is a third year undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering. He believes that sustainability is an issue that every person should be well aware of. Although the scope of sustainability is wide, it is all based on the rule of considering the effects of one's actions on others, now and in the future.

Johnny has an interest in energy issues and hopes to use his engineering knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of renewable energy. He believes that the use of a new type of solar cells, called the DSSC, indoors and outdoors, could recycle excessive energy and contribute to sustainability.


Cecil Chow 

Cecil is a first year postgraduate student studying in the Master of Science in Urban Planning program. He believes that our cities should be designed and planned in ways that encourages citizens to live in harmony with nature, our neighbours and the global economy, in line with the concept of sustainable development. He also believes that the resources and time of a society should be spent on mediation to create ground breaking solutions rather than engaging in endless argument that is non-beneficial to the society as a whole. He also holds a law degree from King’s College London.




Erick Komolo

Erick is an old hand on sustainability issues having studied Masters in Environmental Law & Policy at Kent and worked on consultancies in environmental compliance and climate change issues in East Africa. Currently, a PhD candidate in Law at HKU, Erick remains ‘green’ by always monitoring his footprints by regulating his printing and food choices. He also continues his passion for writing about sustainable development and environmental governance for Kenyan and African media.  His doctoral research covers trade and development issues with bias toward sustainable fisheries research.  Erick anticipates a future in sustainability related research and advocacy in the field of environmental law practise and in the meantime hopes to continue engaging on HKU sustainability initiatives to increase awareness for more action on energy conservation and international best practises.




Khoo Waye Jen Dawn

Dawn spent more than a decade in the media industry in Singapore, covering social issues that affect the life and well-being of under privileged people and the underdogs in a highly developed contemporary society before making a mid-term career switch to the social services sector in 2009. She is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work and has a keen interest in working with like-minded people in the areas of prevention of suicide, grief and bereavement counselling and palliative care.

Dawn's interest in environmental and sustainability issues dates back to 2003 when she was pursuing a Master of Art in Media Arts and Production in Sydney. Impressed by the Australian shoppers’ self-initiative to “bring your own shopping bag”, she began to make it a point to bring her own recycling shopping bags, mug, lunch box and cutlery. She has been a vegetarian since 2006. She hopes she can influence her peers to minimize their usage of non-recyclable cups, lunch boxes and cutlery and to cut down meat. 




Paula Lam

Paula is a fifth-year Government and Laws student. Last summer she participated in the Public Engagement Events on Climate Change, and learnt that communication, cooperation and compromise are required to achieve sustainability. She believes that every small step towards sustainability makes a difference, and is devoted to act as a green model to motivate others to live an environmentally-friendly life.




Pernilla Lofgren

Pernilla is a third-year MA Geography student on exchange at Hong Kong University from Glasgow University. She is interested in sustainability issues tied into development, waste management and raising environmental awareness. She has previously taken courses in environmental science as well as worked as a fundraiser for Greenpeace, this let her learn more about the prevailing issues with sustainability that exist today. 


Hamza Mahfooz

Hamza is a final year undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. His interest in sustainability was deeply influenced by the sustainability measures taken at the HKU campus and the related courses offered in the engineering curriculum. Simple things like having only an ascending escalator in the Meng Wah Complex and stairs while coming down, observing sensor controlled lighting in the classrooms; all of these combined to spark his curiosity in this field.

Hamza has a great interest in the current development of Masdar City in UAE. It is a core planned city, which is being built by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company.  The city will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis and watching films.




Lionel Mok

Lionel is a Master of Journalism student at the Journalism and Media Studies Center. He hopes to spark even a little change about every day environmental practices on campus and is especially looking forward to seeing the university install organic composters on campus (whenever that may be). Hopefully if that happens then the university can turn all the wasted space into growing space and encourage healthier eating habits on campus by selling campus-grown fruits and vegetables.




Nicole Wang Jing

Nicole is a Master student in Energy Engineering. She studied in Germany majoring in Environmental Engineering. At present, she researches the feasibility of producing biogas from food waste and converting it into heat and electricity in Hong Kong. She dreams to witness the day when renewable energy will be sufficient for all human consumption, rather than using fossil fuels.







Dennis Yeung Siu Kit

Dennis is a final year undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Science and Geography. He believes that every single person should be aware of our current worsening situation of the environment and take immediate actions. Protective measures should be done in advance to avoid catastrophic hazards, as portrayed in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, coming true. His dream is to encourage more people to prioritize the environment during decision making.



Keith Chan Ka Kit

Keith is a third-year BBA (Information Systems) student in the Faculty of Business and Economics. He thinks if every individual is aware of the environment and can make even small efforts to protect it, the balance between rapid economic growth and effective environmental protection can be struck and sustainable development can be achieved.

Green Tip: There are many recycling bins at the HKU campus! Try to locate them and put your recyclable trash into the appropriate bins. 




Brad Chan Yu Wing

Brad is currently in his second year of an undergraduate degree in Language Education. In his first year, as the Publication and Publicity Secretary of Greenwoods, the oldest student green group at HKU, he produced a variety of multi-media publicity materials. He also organized an overseas study tour to Shantou focused on E-waste. He hopes to make a difference not only within HKU but also in the wider community. His “green dream” is to create awareness and foster harmony between humans and nature through brilliant publicity and education campaigns.

Green Tip: Consider the environment and your health. Eat more vegetables and less meat (especially red meat). Rearing livestock consumes far more energy than cultivating vegetables. 




Ruby Chiu Wing Tung

Ruby is a second year student majoring in Environmental Science. She has enjoyed studying issues relating to sustainability, such as wildlife conservation, renewable energy and environmental management. She believes that using resources sparingly or conserving them is just as important as using them wisely, that is being efficient. She is currently engaged in various volunteering activities related to wildlife conservation. Through these, Ruby has developed a sense of belonging to the natural world. Her “green dream” is to be an environmentalist—aiming to strike a balance between humans and nature and promoting sustainability to the public. 

Green Tip: In Hong Kong, we produce a large volume of leftover food. This waste ultimately ends up in landfills, where it decomposes and emits greenhouse gases. Food wastage on a large scale is also highly irresponsible, considering the extent of world hunger. Do your bit to minimise waste by asking for less food at the counter if you are not hungry enough to finish regular portions.  




Funmi Ogunlusi

Funmi is a second year Politics student on a year-long exchange programme at HKU. After working on a research project for a class, she was struck by the devastating effects of pollution—both on humans and the environment. Electronic devices, mostly purchased and used in the West, end up as E-waste callously disposed of in Third World countries. This is neither humane, nor sustainable—considering the damage such waste does to the human body and the environment. She is also interested in working in the not-for-profit sector and sees this internship as an opportunity to combine her career aspirations and new-found interest in the environment. Her green dream is to create awareness about the impacts of our wasteful consumption on complete strangers around the world.

Green Tip: Turn off lights and taps when not in use. It is simple, saves money on utility bills and saves energy.




Venus Tjang Weier

Venus is a final year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in French and Sociology. She is a newbie in sustainability. Inspired by her many environmentally-conscious friends, she has been awakened to examine her own life and is now motivated to do something for the environment and the community. Her green dream is that her new-found interest in CSR and spiritual well-being can be developed into more constructive actions that serve to change some of our wasteful and mindless ways.  

Green Tip: Instead of doing the common touristy things when traveling, why not consider WWOOFING (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or doing Eco-tours to really get to know the locals and their social and natural environment? 


Jason Wong Chak Sum

Jason is a second-year student studying Environmental Science with a double minor in Geography and Psychology. His interest in green issues has led him to hold the General Secretary position in the HKU Environmental Life Science Society in 2010-11. By working on the issue of “Climate Poverty” for Oxfam, he gained a better understanding of the connections between the environment and human beings- more specifically environmental degradation and poverty. In his spare time, he loves to read. His dream is to raise public awareness through his writing and through the media, in order to encourage people to develop more sustainable lifestyles.

Green Tip: Instead of printing out handouts or notes for class, use soft copies as much as possible. When printing is absolutely necessary, try to minimize paper use by printing on both sides, reducing margins and taking care not to print one slide per page on Power Point. Also, try to print on “chlorine-free 100% recycled” paper. These measures will save you time, energy and space as you don’t have to pile so many notes in your room!




Mickey Wu Hao

Mickey completed his first degree at HKU and is currently pursuing an MPhil in Construction Engineering and Management. His research focus is on developing more efficient means of selecting and implementing energy conservation measures in buildings. Buildings are significant emitters of greenhouse gases—tackling this issue can greatly advance sustainability in any modern society. His dream for sustainability in Hong Kong is to arrive at a low- or even zero-carbon society and, more specifically, to help design and construct a zero-carbon building someday.

Green Tip: Buy local vegetables and fruits. The transportation of imported vegetables and fruits from overseas countries to Hong Kong emits a considerable amount of carbon dioxide. Also, try to use more stairs instead of elevators.




Kenneth Yung Chi Yan

Kenneth is a second year student studying Microbiology and Food and Nutritional Sciences. He is interested in nature and landscape photography, and believes that everyone has the responsibility to protect beautiful scenery in the wild, which is a gift from Mother Nature. After his experience in Kullu, India in the summer of 2010, he was inspired by the idea that it is possible for human beings to maintain an acceptable living standard without doing so at the expense of the environment. His “green dream” is to increase the education level in rural areas, so that more people understand the importance of preserving the natural environment.

Green Tip: By shortening your shower, you save time, water and energy. Take a further step by installing a more water-efficient shower-head.  


Kiki Chan Pui Ki

Kiki is in her final year of undergraduate study double majoring in Politics and Public Administration and Global Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Some of her internship experiences were related to corporate social responsibility, fair trade and sustainability services. Having resided on an outlying island since birth, Kiki has a passion for nature. She hopes to explore an international incentive scheme which brings nations to jointly combat climate change.




Roy Chan Yew Hung

Roy is a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Education. He is from Los Angeles, California, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Irvine. His primary research focuses on sustainability in higher education with particular interest on sustainability in the curriculum. Roy is an active member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, and was recently nominated for the '2010 Asia Social Innovation Award' for his innovative idea, "The Green Recycling Machine." His green dream is to one day build a recycling machine program in Hong Kong through the support of "Greenopolis."



Alex Chen Xiao Hua

Alex is a Masters student in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management with years of industrial and research experience. He thinks people should initiate steps to reduce their ecological footprints in a systematic manner - our individual responsibility in integrating environmentally-friendly practices into everyday life is a crucial component of sustainable living.




Xing Chiu

Xing is an exchange student from the University of Toronto studying International Relations and Urban Geography. She is co-running Exchange Swap HKU, an initiative to facilitate the collection of donated items by outgoing HKU exchange students (pillows, hangers, phones, food) and the sale of those items to incoming students. 100% of proceeds from this campaign will go to a poverty alleviation and environmental education organization in Uganda that she is working with. This also enables exchange students to do their part for the environment by reducing waste and consumption! Xing’s green dream is “More bicycles, less cars.”



Choi Ho-Jae

Ho Jae is a first year student pursuing an undergraduate degree in law. In his previous school in Malaysia, he helped raise funds to help save turtles facing extinction as a result of plastic waste in the ocean. Through this experience, Ho Jae had the opportunity to watch how conservationists saved the eggs of a mother leatherback turtle, which he claims to be an inspiring experience. His green dream is to see Hong Kong bust the myth that cities have to be filled with pollution.



Water Huang Jing

Water is in her first year of study in Economics and Finance, having spent a foundation year at Peking University. She just spent the last winter break in Ghana where she and her teammates built a toilet and delivered an education series about hygiene and the rampant infectious diseases in Africa. Water is constantly thinking of ways to contribute her energy and enthusiasm positively and encourage others to explore their possibilities as well. Her sustainability dream is to improve the living conditions in poorer nations so that fewer people will suffer from preventable diseases in the near future.




Gregory Kent

Greg is on a one year exchange at HKU from the University of Exeter, in the UK. Whilst studying Economics and Geography, Greg has been able to experience viewpoints of sustainability from different perspectives. He hopes to see more widespread recognition that being green is moving forwards not backwards. During the summer of 2010 he spent a week at ‘Embercombe,’ a self-sufficient farm in Devon. Working on the land and sleeping under the stars showed him what being sustainable is all about – re-establishing a personal connection with nature and developing a greater respect for our environment.




Aaron Lai

Aaron is in his final year studying geography and finance. His previous experience includes conducting experiments on oceanic plastic debris with the NGO Project Kaisei, and interning at the KPMG corporate social responsibility department. Aaron’s biggest green dream is that society evolves so that people can draw closer to nature: closer to the land sustains them, and less disconnected from the sinks where our waste goes. He thinks that only then will we truly appreciate how precious this one Earth really is.






Anna Lam Chi Yan

Anna is a Masters student in Landscape Architecture, with an undergraduate degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University. Anna has studied and/or monitored flora and fauna of all sorts, from tree swallows in upstate New York to urban trees in Wong Tai Sin and wetland invertebrates in Lok Ma Chau. Her most recent achievement was writing a prize-winning dissertation on the re-conceptualisation of nature-society relationships using the Kai Tak River revitalization project as a case study. After dabbling in both ecology (where there is generally an anti-urban bias) and urban geography (where cities are generally viewed as anti-natural), Anna has decided (for now) that the future of the earth rests on our understanding of urban ecology. One of the things she really hopes to see one day is the flourishing of active local (urban) food production systems not just on campuses but all throughout Hong Kong, as they epitomize and help us to learn about the complexities of the both-social-and-natural elements involved in pursuing what seems to be the all-elusive "sustainable development."



Gavin Liu Guannan

Gavin is in his final year studying Electronic and Communication Engineering. Gavin joined a program organized by HKU to establish a solar power system for the multimedia classroom of a school in Sichuan in 2009, and returned the following year as a team leader to build wind power turbines on the roofs that generate energy more efficiently. Gavin’s dream is to see major breakthroughs in science and technology that will help achieve sustainability without compromising too much our existing lifestyle.




Ellie Ng Pui Shan

Ellie is in her first year of undergraduate study in Landscape Architecture. Her main area of interest lies in sustainable agriculture in the context of ecological restoration and social justice. She has been involved in organic farming overseas for a year and various green initiatives in Hong Kong. Finally converted into a strict vegetarian after watching Food, Inc. a year ago, she believes in the power of media, particularly documentaries/videos and cyberspace, and has been looking for ways to raise awareness and initiate actions through various visual tools since then. Ellie hopes to see more public engagement in community agriculture that would reduce reliance on the global consumerist system and promote community ties in both HKU and Hong Kong.



Timothy So Shun Hang

Timothy is a Masters student in Environmental Engineering. His undergraduate studies in Environmental Science at Imperial College offered him a volunteering experience in biodiversity and conservation at the Natural History Museum in London. He is committed to identifying sustainability problems on different levels and brainstorming solutions. His final year project topic was on the effects of invasive insects living on introduced foreign plants in wildlife gardens. During his summer work with Imperial College, he was fascinated by the researchers’ work on the integration of sustainable grassland management and sheep grazing. Timothy’s sustainability dream is to promote business initiatives that recognize environmental issues. He hopes to bring more green solutions to companies not only as their commitment to CSR but also as their new way of green living.


Neville Chan Lap Fung

Neville is a third year student in the undergraduate Faculty of Sciences double majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity and Politics and Public Administration. With limited resources and the degrading environment, he believes sustainable development is essential for preserving life. Neville thinks education is the first step in promoting sustainable development—through his academic work at HKU, he believes he can help promote sustainability to the community at large.




Helen Chen Shi Yue

Helen is a first year student in the undergraduate Faculty of Social Sciences double majoring in Politics and Public Administration and Economics. She believes that sustainable development is the only way to a prosperous future. With her previous experience at several environmental organizations such as WWF and Greenpeace, she is now eager to continue her devotion to creating a greener, more sustainable community through her work at HKU.




Oscar Lau Sin Wai

Oscar is in his last year studying Chemistry and Environmental Protection. His previous experience in the environmental community includes working with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of the HKSAR Government and Ocean Park. Oscar believes everyone in the world has a responsibility and is able to contribute positively towards a sustainable community. He hopes his work at HKU, raising awareness about waste habits and natural resources will inspire the community to contribute to sustainability both on campus and in the larger global environment.




Mon Leung Siu Mei

Mon is a second year student in the undergraduate Faculty of Social Sciences double majoring in Politics and Public Administration and Social Work and Social Administration. She is particularly interested in the social issues related to sustainability. Mon leads by example—her awareness of resource consumption and active commitment to reducing her rate of consumption is an inspiration to others on the HKU campus as they strive to positively contribute to the sustainability movement.




Yves Wan Yau Sum

Yves is in her last year of the double degree programme in Government and Laws. Her commitment to the social and environmental movement in Hong Kong is obvious with her experience at Civic Exchange and her active involvement in a student environmental group - Hong Kong Climate Change Coalition (now Climate Chance) and a youth volunteer group - Humanity in Focus ( in her early years at HKU. She shares HKU’s sustainability goals and hopes to make a difference in the community.


Michael Wang Jianhua

Michael is a PhD student from the Department of Real Estate and Construction. He has his B.S. in Building Science from Tsinghua University and an M.A. from HKUST. He has worked as an Energy Engineer and Consultant and is focused on energy efficiency in building design. He hopes to help HKU’s sustainability goals, especially with respect to green buildings.




Sue Wong Ming Wai

Sue is in her second year studying for a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning. She has worked as a space planner for Foster & Partners in London where she helped plan and design the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, part of the Masdar City eco-city project. She is committed to sustainable development and hopes to use her previous experience to help HKU meet its sustainability goals.




Janet Wu Yui Tsz

Janet is in her final year studying Electrical Engineering. She wants to focus her work in energy conservation as a way of combating climate change. In the summer of 2008, she worked for the Garden Co. Ltd., analyzing ways of improving energy efficiency in the factory. Janet wants to help HKU meet its sustainability goals and is committed to the sustainability movement at large.